Oirsbeek General Medical Practice 

Our new general medical practice has been housed in the health centre on Dorpstraat in Oirsbeek since July 2016 where, just as you can expect, we are happy to be of assistance to you. 

To make an appointment with the doctor or to request a repeat prescription, please call us on +31 (0)46 442 13 03. If you call us, you will be able to make an appointment within one working day.

For emergencies, please press 1 after calling our general number: +31 (0)46 442 13 03. Please note that this option is for emergencies only. Outside office hours, calls to the emergency number will be transferred to the Westelijke Mijnstreek General Medical Practice, which can also be contacted directly on +31 (0)46 400 99 25.

Oirsbeek General Medical Practice is housed in the new health centre on Dorpsstraat, where we can be found together with other healthcare providers.

You can register with our practice directly using our registration form. If you would prefer to meet us first, please call the office assistant on +31 (0)46 442 13 03 to make an appointment.


Surgery hours and house calls
The surgery hours commence at 8:30 am, from Monday to Friday. If you call us, you will be able to make an appointment within one working day. An appointment will last on average 10-15 minutes. You could also make use of our special surgery hours.


E-mail consultation
Simple medical questions can be answered by e-mail. To submit your question, please use the contact form below. Should we be unable to answer your question by e-mail, we will invite you to visit the practice.


Requesting a repeat prescription
You can request a repeat prescription from us. Sometimes, the office assistant will let you know that an additional consultation is required before we can give you a repeat prescription.


Important events
You may experience important life events that we know nothing about. Equally, we will not always be aware of any treatment you receive elsewhere or from a specialist. Should you experience something of which we should be aware, please remember to inform us.


If you're satisfied with us, please, tell others. Should you be less than satisfied, please let us know either verbally or via our contact form. This will give us the chance to improve our service. In the event that this does not result in a solution that you find satisfactory, the General Practioner Care has a Complaints Procedure in place.


Changes to your personal details
Please be sure to inform us of any changes to your personal details, either by telephone or via our contact form.

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046 - 442 13 03




Dorpstraat 63,

    6438 JT Oirsbeek